Golf Link Road, Maldon, Vic, 3463

2020 Tournament (More details to come)

Fri 17 Jul 20  4BBB ladies and Men
Sat 18 Jul 20  3 person Ambrose
Sun 19 Jul 20  Mens 18 hole Stroke


Traditional Hickory Golf Club Maker at Maldon Annual Tournament

Ross Baker is committed to preserving the history of golf in Australia and creating opportunities to play the game as our forefathers did.

For the past 42 years, Ross has made wooden clubs using the traditional tools and skills of the golf club makers of the 1800’s. All his clubs are made by hand and each takes al least 22 hours of work, Each is unique in wood grain, head shape and weight and made from tree limbs or roots sourced by Ross.

These wooden clubs are made for enthusiasts who regularly compete in special events playing with Hickory clubs only. 7-8 players play in our Annual Tournament at the end of July each year where Ross displays a selection of his hand-made golf clubs on the Sunday. Visitors are welcome to come and see his work and discuss his traditional craft.

A group of 8 golfers competed in a special event playing with Hickory clubs for a trophy specially made by Ross for this event. This trophy, a Schenectady Mallett putter, was made to the style used by Maldon born Walter Travis when he won the 1904 US Amateur championship, and will be awarded each year to the special event winner…congratulations this year to Pete Shaw from Royal Hobart golf club.

2017 Tournament Results

Golfers from over 20 country and metropolitan clubs were in attendance at this years Tournament and were very positive in their comments and very appreciative for the many hours of volunteer work from club members to present the course and conduct the golfing events to such a high standard.

Players normally accustomed to grass greens found our sand scrapes a little more challenging but most were able to adjust their putting skills and be more than competitive in their scoring, enjoying the experience of a variation in playing conditions.

Each morning of the Tournament presented very challenging weather conditions…the threat of rain, hail and chilling winds was not met with a lot of enthusiasm from golfers present and would have deterred others from attending. Thankfully however, ZEUS, the god of clouds, rain, thunder and lightning was on our side as ironically each day, the adverse conditions abated and rounds of golf were completed without rain and hail but still very chilly and windy. Any
discomfort was quickly negated when in the clubhouse, and enjoying the sumptuous buffet of hot soup, sandwiches and cakes provided by Maureen, Eileen and Zelma.

Each day of golf presented a different game format and on each day a number of additional events were conducted… such as nearest-the-pins, longest drive and straightest drive. Whilst too numerous to list all these winners, congratulations to all golfers on their achievements.


WINNERS Colin Windebank/Peter Gerolemou 44points
RUNNERS-UP Denis Cooper/Mick Smith 43points

SCRATCH Todd Toutitt/Francis Lee/Andrew Marr 59net
HANDICAP Rob Champion/John Arnold/Bob Briggs 59.5net


A Grade Ben Tatt 104
B Grade Greg Tatt 112
C Grade Gary Hutchins 118

A Grade Tony Woolley 101.5
B Grade John Fitzpatrick 102
C Grade Bob Briggs 95.5

Ben Tatt 104
Gary Hutchins 94

The Club thanks all PLAYERS and SPONSORS for ensuring a successful Tournament.